Latex Kleding Maken

Super leuk om te doen en makkelijker dan je denkt!


Always wanted to make latex clothing?

Then we have some good tips for you!

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Many (latex) designers are very secret .... they do not want to tell you how to make your own latex clothing. But we have no problem with that! We have more than 20 years experience working with the latex and rubber. So we know exactly what's involved to make latex clothing.

We advise known and unknown fashion designers at home and abroad in the field of the use of latex. But also stylists, interior designers, students, architects and solar teams.

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There are two latex specialists in the Netherlands which have existed for over 20 years; we recommend you to check it out and there to shop your latex and tools online and

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Latex allergy

Latex clothing is made of latex ... ... logical! These are, of course, latex, so no synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is, for example pond liner or car tires. You can be allergic to natural rubber latex. So if you want to make latex clothing itself ... it is important to know whether you are allergic. Even if you are making latex clothes for others it is important to know whether your customers are allergic ... because otherwise it's obviously a no go.

An allergy manifests itself as small bumps on the skin. That's not a big problem, it's annoying. But there is an extreme variant in which one can go into shock. Do not underestimate a latex allergy!

Do you want to know more about latex allergy? Click here and read a nice article about it.

natural green latex sheet to make latex catsuit or dresses

Types of latex

Latex is for sale online and in shops on the role as ordinary fabric / textiles by the meter (or of course by 10 cm, etc.) It is usually between 92 cm and 98 cm wide per roll. There is also extra wide latex 200 cm wide. That's another super useful to eg latex vacuum beds.

The thickness of latex ranges from 0.15 mm thick to 1.00 mm thick. Handmade latex sheets can be even made thicker. The choice of the thickness depends on what you are going to make. The thinner the latex how smoothly it moves. Very thin latex is just tissue paper with a thickness of 0.15 mm! It's super thin latex and waving in the wind.

Super thick latex is latex with a thickness of 1 mm. And of course not suitable for a latex summer skirt .... but a tough latex bra, a latex corset and latex straps for example.

Colors of latex sheets

Latex sheeting is available in many colors! But also in metallic, transparent and pearly sheen. There's always something for you. You can even find very exclusive latex at and  handmade latex! It is usually 0.5 mm thick with beautiful prints and relief. Very chic and very exclusive latex!

What else do you need to make your own latex clothing?

Metallic latex colours latex clothing design

Latex adhesive

Latex clothes are not sewn but glued! That is why many people like to make latex clothing because no machine is involved. You cut the latex with a rotary cutter,  (not with a pair of scissors!). It is then cleaned with thinner (not with white spirit and not with turpentine) and stuck with special latex adhesive.

Zipper Adhesive

For zips you use a different kind of glue, because latex adhesive does not work with the textile / cotton zipper. This glue impregnates the textile so that it is sticking with latex.


With thinner you clean the latex thoroughly before you start gluing. If you do not ... you understand ... probably the garment falls apart when putting on. Caution ... do not use turpentine or benzene or the like ecological thinner because it does not work. If you want to read about all the differences in that kind of products, please click here.


You also need tools to make or repair you own latex clothing. such as a seem presser, tassels, cutting ruler, rotary cutter. But also supplies such as snaps, eyelets, zippers and of course a good decent big cutting mat. And ... that speaks for itself ... latex!

There are a lot of tools. You don't need everything of course. To start a basic tool kit is ok. Click here for an overview.


If you created your own latex clothing you  want it to last for years! So you have to take care of it. So after clubbing ... go in your latex outfit directly under the shower and flush wash with some shampoo and shower cream / soap. Or take off the clothing and clean it with ViviClean. Then rinse and dry. You can now rub the latex dress with silicone gel or ViviShine or lubricant on the inside and outside. You can also decide to provide the inside of talcum powder (no baby powder!) And only the outside with a polish or silicone oil (water based). Almost every product / brand is ok. BeGloss is also a brand to take care of latex.

For an overview and details per product click here.

Keep latex dark and horizontally at room temperature. Don't hang it on a hanger and not in the light.

Pay attention! Latex can not be in the washing machine, not in the dryer and you can not iron it. We know... some people are used to do it, but it will not benefit the quality of the latex on the long term.


Transparent pink latex sheet for latex legging

Your not sure you can make latex clothing? You can join super fun workshops and For example a workshop / course latex clothes, a latex bra and a latex corset. You will also get tips on how to fix latex clothing. Latex workshops can be done face to face or online. Click here for more information about the latex clothing, latex bra and latex corset workshops in The Netherlands.

Standard colors latex

Latex can be bought online in many different colors. Of course a standard black color latex, but latex red, orange, yellow, metallic color latex, latex pearl colors and transparent colors latex. Scroll down for an impression of the various colors of latex which of course in different thicknesses can be bought over the internet. Click here to see all latex colours and thicknesses.

Exclusive handmade latex

Want to go a step further? Then it is very exclusive handmade latex is for you! These latex sheets have patterns and effects, but also with a structure. Super special latex. Because it is hand-made you must always take into account a longer delivery time of latex then from the standard basic latex wholesale suppliers. Scroll down to see if this particular latex or click here.